Getting straight A’s is a horrible trap

Seth Godin is kind of like the modern day King Solomon of business and marketing (referring more to the Book of Proverbs than the Song of Songs).  He has tremendous insight and wisdom, but produces so much content it’s hard to keep up.

For the last couple years I haven’t read any of his books or many of his blog posts, but I really enjoyed a recent EntreLeadership podcast with him.

A couple of quotes that stood out to me:

Getting straight A’s is a horrible trap and if you are pushing and rewarding your kid to engage in compliance and to prove that they can compile, you are starting a pattern that will last their whole life. And I am way more interested in the kid who has learned to solve interesting problems and has learned how to lead.

A widening chasm between curious, interested people who are learning a lot and leading and masses of people who have been seduced into watching more television and are falling ever further behind.